Pre-hung Doors

With a Pre-hung Door, we do all the hard work for you. A complete door unit can be supplied ready for quick and easy installation into your stud openings. These are ideal for Apartment Developments as we can suit your special requirements for Radius or Square hinges, latches and strikers. Jambs can be either ‘Split’ or ‘Solid’ and come in a range of materials including MDF, Pine and KDHW, with assembled architrave sets to either side.

Timber Doors

We have a range of internal and external doors to suit any application; from Timber Joinery style doors to Flush Panel doors. We can supply the door you require in standard or custom sizes. Flush panel doors are available in MDF, Plywood or Duracote facings. Oversize doors are also available with an internal RHS steel frame, to suit both sliding and pivot applications.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are available in 1hr, 2hr, 3hr and 4hr ratings to suit internal and external applications. Fire doors are supplied with either Pressed Metal Frames or Timber frames (1hr only). Glazed vision panels are available in 600x100, 300x200 and 450x120mm.

Metal Clad

When security or weather conditions are paramount; metal clad doors are an ideal solution. External grade doors can be wrapped in your choice of Zincanneal, Galvabond or even Colourbond to match external cladding.

Joinery Doors

Timber framed glazed and paneled doors are available in a range of styles and sizes. From ‘Single Lite’ to ‘Multi Lite’ doors, to doors with panels and mouldings, we can suit all of your requirements. 

Routed Doors

Routed doors can be made as either semi or solid construction, with MDF facings for a premium paint finish. We can provide doors with a range of square corner rout patterns to form single panel to multi panel doors.